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OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a mental condition that gives birth to unwanted and repeated thoughts or obsession. It also makes an individual do something over and over again [compulsions].

On certain occasions, many individuals experience both compulsion and obsession at the same time. OCD is not about having negative thoughts or biting your nails, Obsession are unwanted and intrusive images and thoughts, which trigger distressing feelings.

On the other hand, compulsion is all about an individual’s behaviours to get rid of the obsession. OCD is something that one should not take it lightly. Not opting for proper treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder can give birth to unwanted problems or issues within an individual.

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OCD: A Detailed Definition

Experts say that individuals who suffer from OCD carry actions and thoughts that take up at least an hour each day, are beyond one’s control, interferes with social life and work, and are not enjoyable. If proper OCD treatment without mediation or medication is not provided within time, it will harm an individual’s health and wellbeing. This condition causes an individual to experience anxiety [obsession], and the best way to soothe this anxiety is by acting out an impulsive action [compulsive].

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The Symptoms Of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

OCD has a wide range of symptoms, which fall under the compulsion and obsession categories, respectively. We, from Himachal Rehabilitation Home, have listed down all the symptoms separately to help you have a clear understanding of the symptoms of this particular condition. Please check below!

  • The fear of falling ill due to the contamination of germs.
  • Fear of losing control of oneself.
  • Paying extreme attention to symmetry and order.
  • A persistent but vague suspicion of something terrible happening.
  • Fear of harming others or self.
  • Violent and intrusive thoughts and images.
  • Having excessive beliefs about morality.
  • The fear of making mistakes [forgetting to lock the store or keeping the stove on].
  • Intrusive sexual images or ideas.
  • Fixation of food quality or food origin.
  • Arranging and ordering things in a precise manner.
  • Excessive washing and cleaning.
  • Repeatedly checking on a person to make sure he/she is safe.
  • Carrying out rituals several times a day.
  • Counting in a specific pattern.
  • Taking a look at the doors many times to check whether it’s locked.
  • Avoiding situations that can trigger obsession.
  • Asking, telling, or confessing to obtain assurance.

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Problems Associated With OCD

OCD can trigger certain problems, which might take out of hand if proper treatment is not provided. Doctors believe that OCD can give birth to stress in people who suffer from this particular condition. On the other hand, if you have experienced had traumatic past, there is a massive chance for this condition to increase and give birth to intrusive thoughts, emotional distress, and ritual characteristics of OCD.

Taking Help From Himachal Rehabilitation Home

When you or someone you know is suffering from OCD, you can bring them to our rehabilitation center. We, from Himachal Rehabilitation Home, provide outstanding and top-class  OCD disorder treatment,  which will help them recover quickly. Our OCD treatment plans and programs are grounded in healing, pragmatism, and empathy

We take the help of a 360-degree holistic treatment process, which will help us balance the brain’s biochemistry. We will also help eliminate all the emotional problems with the help of psychotherapy and strengthen our clients’ body and mind condition. We make sure that our clients receive the best treatment from our side.

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Facilities To Check Out

Even though we provided effective cognitive therapy for OCD to our clients, we also have some unique facilities that the clients will surely like. We have listed some of our facilities below.

  • Organic Food: Healthy food stands out as the catalyst of a healthy mind. Our clients will receive organic and fresh food during their stay at our rehabilitation home. The food we serve is rich in nutrition and contributes to the overall mental and physical wellbeing of our clients.
  • Team of Experts: We have a team of experienced professionals whose priority is to look after the health and well-being of our clients. Our team of doctors, nurses and security are well equipped to handle any situation at any point in time.

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Our Experience

Being one of the leading rehabilitation centers, for OCD in India, we from Himachal Rehabilitation Home have a team of skilled, highly-trained, and qualified therapists and doctors. They are always available to provide the best treatment and services to clients who are suffering from OCD. We also offer cognitive therapy for OCD, which will surely help our clients recover quickly and return home to their loved ones.

Best-In-Class Facilities

Our Treatment Methods

Here, at Himachal Rehabilitation Home, we provided some of the best treatment methods of all time for individuals suffering from OCD. Below we have listed some of the methods.

  • Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the best ways to treat OCD. We provide this particular treatment that will change the thinking pattern. We put our clients in a situation designed to build anxiety, and our clients will learn how to reduce and stop their OCD actions or thoughts.
  • Relaxation: We provide yoga, meditation, art therapy and other therapies, which will help in reducing the OCD symptoms within our clients.