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Delusional disorder, previously known as paranoid disorder, is a mental condition or illness. Individuals who suffer from this condition cannot tell what is imaginary and real. The actual feature of this particular disorder is the existence of delusions, which are unshakable beliefs in something untrue or not real

Individuals with delusional disorder experience non-bizarre delusions. Under these situations, they think that they are loved from a distance, being followed, conspired against, and poisoned. Apart from that, the disorder creates misinterpretation of experiences or perceptions. 

That is why it’s essential to opt for proper delusional disorder treatment to lessen the condition in people suffering from it. We at Himachal Rehabilitation Home, promise to be your reliable partners in this regard.

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Delusional Disorder – A Meticulous Converse

People who suffer from this particular condition might function and socialize generally like everyone else and will surely not behave bizarrely or oddly. This is unlike individuals who have psychotic disorders who will experience delusion because of their disorder.

On certain occasions, people who have this particular illness become so preoccupied with the condition that it completely disrupts their lives. But several types of delusion disorder currently exist, and they are mentioned below. Please take a look!

  • Mixed: People suffering from this type of delusion disorder will have one or two types of delusions. 
  • Grandiose: Individuals with this type of condition will carry an over-inflated sense of identity, knowledge, and power. He/she might also think that they have an exceptional talent or might have made a crucial discovery.
  • Somatic:A person who has this type of delusional disorder will believe that he/she has a medical issue or a physical defect.
  • Persecutory: This is a type of delusional disorder where people or someone pretty close to them is being mistreated, someone is trying to cause them to harm or spying on them. 
  • Erotomanic: People who carry this type of delusional disorder will believe that someone pretty famous is in love with her or him. They will try to contact that person and even stalk them. 
  • Jealous: This particular delusional disorder makes an individual believe that their partner or spouse is unfaithful

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The Symptoms Of Delusional Disorder

We, from Himachal Rehabilitation Home, are well aware of the delusional disorder symptoms, which are pretty non-bizarre. We have listed down some of the symptoms of this particular condition. Please check the information below.

  • Hallucinations: Feeling, seeing, or hearing things that do not exist. For instance, individuals who believe that they have an odor problem will think they smell bad.
  • A low, angry, and irritable mood

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The Problems Of Delusional Disorder

Individuals who suffer from delusional disorder can affect them deeper than you think. Delusion order can cause a person a lot of difficulties, for which it’s necessary to opt for the delusional disorder treatment in Himachal Pradesh without any delay. We believe that delusional disorder can give birth to adverse outcomes in a person. Here are some of the problems of this particular condition. 

  • Increased irritability.
  • Financial struggle.
  • Experiencing problems within a romantic relationship.
  • Harboring an angry or violent attitude towards an individual.
  • Legal issues.
  • Job loss.
  • Self-imposed isolation.
  • Experiencing issues in performing work.
  • Self-harm from acting to prevent perceived threats.

Himachal Rehabilitation Home: The Care That You Need To Get Rid Of Delusional Disorder

Here, at Himachal Rehabilitation Home, we will provide you with comprehensive treatment plans that can help treat different types of delusions, and our team of mental health experts creates these plans. Our team will provide your loved one with delusional parasitosis treatment along with the most advanced support and care that will help them recover quickly from the condition.

We make sure that each of our clients receives proper treatment from our side and will stay beside them in every step during their recovery process. Our main goal is to provide delusional jealously treatment within a supportive environment and make sure to eliminate the presence of delusions once and for all.

As a leading rehabilitation home within the country, we do not just treat the condition’s symptoms. But we will also treat the co-occurring issues and tackle all the underlying problems.

Adios To Delusional Symptoms

Facilities To Check Out

We provide some of the most unique and best facilities for our clients at Dhanak Rehabilitation Home. These facilities will surely speed the recovery of our clients. Please look below!

  • Wellness: Clients will get the opportunity to enjoy unmatched facilities and get to relax during their stay.
  • Exercise: Individuals can keep themselves fit and fine by doing regular exercise at our indoor environment.
  • Games: We offer our clients numerous indoor games, which will allow them to have a good time and keep them engaged for a long time.

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Our Experience

We have a team of experienced and highly qualified doctors, therapists, nurses and counselors who focus on the recovery of the clients. Our team of experts works 24 hours a day for all our clients and makes sure that they receive the care, love, and support they need during the recovery process.

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Our Treatments

Here, at Himachal Rehabilitation Home, we provide numerous treatments and care for somatic delusional disorder treatment, which will help our clients get relief from this condition. We provide treatments such like:

  • Medication:We provide antipsychotics along with therapy to treat the delusional disorder.
  • Therapies:  We have included therapies within the treatment plan for the delusional disorder to help patients identify their false beliefs and set up goals to change their negative behaviors and belief patterns
  • Residential Treatment: Our residential treatment is one of the ways to eliminate the presence of this particular condition. We will provide a range of medication and therapy, which individuals should follow at their residence to manage the disorder properly.