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Mania is an episode of extremely high energy and elevated mood associated with bipolar disorder. Mood and energy level change over the day, for specific period, is standard – but in manic conditions, the affected person undergoes a severe change in thought and behavior.

The patients’ general actions show a drastic change of energy and can last for several days and months. This development usually causes problems in the patients’ school, work, and relationships.

Mania, known as an offshoot of bipolar disorder, presents some serious problems for the affected individuals. They may face insomnia or an inability to eat during the episode. Engaging in risky behavior or harming themselves is also a common occurrence in this condition.

People are also at a greater risk of experiencing hallucinations or other perceptual disturbances. To get the most effective treatment of mania, you should come to us at Himachal Rehabilitation Home and we are always ready to help you live a peaceful life.

  • Generalized mania: In this condition, the mind swings from euphoric state to depressive state – characterized by the feeling of invincibility, being unstoppable, having lots of energy, sleep disturbance, getting distracted or annoyed easily, anxiety, and pressured speech. The patient often acts impulsively and erratically. Sudden increases in drug use, rise in money spending, and unprotected sex are common signs of this condition.
  • Psychosis: Doctors characterize these conditions as other extensions of bipolar disorder. The patients may suffer from hallucinations, speak in a disorganized or strange way, supper from paranoia and excessive suspicion, and sometimes feel watched.
  • Hypomania Hypomania is an episode that lasts for a few days. People may feel very good and function well. Family or friends may notice mood or activity changes, while the person with the hypomania may not.

Different symptoms of phobia

At Himachal Rehabilitation Home, we offer treatment of mania from all dimensions, especially for the heightened mental states. The patient may engage in excessive activities leading to fatigue and energy depletion. We provide a personalized and comprehensive treatment regimen for the patients according to the observable symptoms – as listed below:

  • Extreme excitement and euphoria.
  • Hyperactivity, hallucinations, or delusions.
  • A sudden change from excited to a depressed state, with deficient energy levels.
  • Racing thoughts and pressured speech
  • Insomnia.
  • Poor work performance.
  • Getting irritated and distracted easily.
  • Aggressive behavior / Drug or alcohol abuse.

We have the best and comprehensive treatment facilities for you

The difficulties occurring due to Himachal Rehabilitation Home

As these problems relate to a heightened state of mind, its physical manifestation is excessive activity. Some people may recognize the onset of a manic episode, but the patient is not aware in most cases.

There is a trend of committing risky behavior – like investing an enormous amount of money in businesses, taking out big loans, having unprotected sex – almost everything that could have a dangerous consequence later on.

The patients develop a false sense of invincibility – making them taking part in risky activities. Irritability and short-lived attention is another problem – which can lead to reduced performance in school, work, or society in general. We, at Himachal Rehabilitation Home, look at all the aspects of the problem and suggest the correct treatment of mania.

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How can Himachal Rehabilitation Home help you?

We look at all the developments and problems of our patients and provide the most effective personalized treatment for them. There are now several new-age pharmaceutical drugs available to counter these symptoms – however, not all of them are suitable for everyone.

  • We take the detailed patient history and use the data to provide the most effective medicine.
  • We also offer effective psychotherapy services to identify the stimulus of their manic episode and combat stress.
  • With our unique approaches for treating mania, we can assure you of the speedy recovery of the affected individual.

We at Himachal Rehabilitation Home are always here to support and help you

What facilities do we offer?

We at Himachal Rehabilitation Home believe in reaching the root of the problem and treating the patients from the primary level. In severe mania cases, hospitalization becomes necessary, as the patients can harm themselves and the surrounding people. We have individual living quarters with all modern amenities to make your stay a pleasant one.

Apart from the above, we offer the following facilities to our clients:

  • Access to the new-generation antipsychotics, lithium drugs, anticonvulsants, and benzodiazepines.
  • Accomplished experts to conduct psychotherapy sessions.
  • Nutritious and healthy foods.
  • Wide range of extra-curricular activities to spend their quality time on.

We ensure that our patients enjoy a relaxing and peaceful time during their treatment of mania or other bipolar disorder problems.

Novel and customized treatment plans

Our Experience

Our treatment protocols administer the maximum efficacy to the patients by design. Our team of doctors and medical assistants is always ready to handle any situation. They provide comprehensive medication consultation as the patients need and work to cure its root cause. We offer the best-in-class treatment for all types of mania-related problems from the treatments, food, activities, and health monitoring.

We are the one-stop place for curing mania

We use the most modern treatment processes for combating mania symptoms. Our institution uses the following treatments for patients of mania:

  • New-generation antipsychotic, anticonvulsant, and benzodiazepines.
  • Psychotherapy sessions.
  • Extra-curricular activity for health improvement and relaxation.


Is Himachal Rehabilitation Home secure for mania patients?

The institution has 24 × 7 security and accomplished personnel to handle any situation, as and when needed.

What are the steps of the program?

We provide the most effective and personalized treatment for each of our patients. As the programs are not universal, it’s difficult to say a particular value of ‘steps’ or ‘goals’. However, we provide the best treatment for mania for our patients.

Exclude Mania at Himachal Rehabilitation Home

We provide the best quality treatment for our mania patients – that treat their body and mind together. We promise to extend our patients’ best service, care, and empathy and ensure they do not fall into any untoward situation. You can always give us a call to know about our services.