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Panic disorders take place when an individual experiences unexpected and recurring panic attacks. Individual who suffers from this particular condition live in fear of experiencing a panic attack. When people feel an overwhelming and sudden terror for no apparent reason, it indicates that the person has a panic attack. Individuals will have symptoms, such as sweating, heart racing, and breathing difficulties.

There are many individuals out there who experience panic attacks once or twice in their lives. That is why proper and effective panic disorder treatment at Dhanak Rehabilitation Home is compulsory to reduce this particular condition. People suffering from this disorder must consult a doctor immediately before things can get out of hand.

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Panic Disorder: A Detailed Discussion

According to Diagnostics and Statistical Manual and Mental Disorders, panic disorder is a recurrent, unexpected, and intense panic attack. Anxiety and fear might be pretty standard for stressful events and specific situations. But panic disorder differs significantly from everyday anxiety and fear because it’s rather extreme at times and will strike right out of the blue.

The National Institute of Mental Health has reported that about 2.7% of the individual within a particular group has panic disorder, out of which 44.8% experiences a severe panic disorder. That is why it’s highly essential to opt for panic attack treatment, as it will help reduce the symptoms of the condition effectively.

Not opting for proper treatment and medication for the anxiety panic attack symptoms will lead to unwanted problems and complications. It can make the condition a lot worse, which might go out of control.

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Check Out The Symptoms Of Panic Attacks

We, from Himachal Rehabilitation Home, do not just provide high-quality panic order treatment without medicine or with medication. We also educate and tell our clients about the various symptoms this condition has in-store. Here, within this section, we have listed the symptoms or signs you might encounter if you have panic disorder. Check below!

  • Palpitations or racing heartbeat.
  • Fear that you might die.
  • Tightness or chest pain.
  • Tingling or numbness in feet or head.
  • Trembling or shaking.
  • Changes within the mental state, including a feeling of depersonalization [being detached from oneself] or de-realization [feeling of unreality].
  • Chills or sweating.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Feeling as if you are choking.
  • Nausea.
  • Lightheadedness.
  • Vertigo or dizziness.

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What Are Problems Associated With Panic Disorder?

Being one of the country’s leading panic disorder treatment centers, we take such conditions pretty seriously. We are also well aware of the problems that can occur when someone has panic disorders.

According to the experts, these conditions take place during environmental, psychological, and biological factors and occur mainly in individuals between the ages of 18 and 35.

Past traumas or traumatic events can also give birth to panic disorder. On the other hand, substance abuse problems like drug addiction and alcoholism can also give birth to panic disorder.

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How Can We Help You Here At Himachal Rehabilitation Home?

We are well aware of how difficult one’s life can be when one suffers from panic disorder. That is why we from Himachal Rehabilitation Home will offer you some of the best treatment plans and therapies. It will reduce the presence of this condition once and for all. We provide natural treatment for panic attacks and use medications and various other therapies to help our clients recover as quickly as possible. We do not just treat the condition from the outside but also go into its root and eliminate all the underlying problems.

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Our Facilities

We have a wide range of facilities that will help our clients recover quickly to return home to their loved ones. Given below are some of the facilities, which you can expect from our rehabilitation center.

  1. Recovery Residence: Here at our treatment center, we provide a luxurious environment that will feel familiar and increase the chances of a robust recovery. We make sure that our clients feel completely comfortable while living within our center, instantly lowering the panic disorder symptoms. 
  2. Team of Experts: Safety is our main priority so we have 24×7 surveillance cameras installed across the property. We also have some of the best security guards that patrol the parameter to keep our clients safe and secure from unwanted issues or problems.

We Have The Best Professionals On Our Team

Our Experience

Our team of doctors, counselors, therapists, and nurses are available 24×7 to provide the best support, love, and care to each of our clients. The professionals are highly qualified and have the skills, knowledge, and understanding to treat clients who suffer from panic disorders. Apart from that, our experts will also monitor the recovery process of our clients and will make sure to provide some of the best treatments and medication that will accelerate the recovery process.

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Our Treatment Techniques

When it comes to providing the best treatment for panic disorder, we have a wide range of them. Given below are some of the treatment methods that we use. Each of these treatment methods will surely allow our clients to recover and reduce the presence of panic attacks, which occur suddenly.

  1. Psychotherapy: Through psychotherapy like CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we will identify all the triggers of our client’s panic attacks. This will allow our clients to change their behavior, thinking, and reactions.
  2. Antidepressants: Antidepressants can make panic attacks from becoming severe. We use serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors [SSRIs] or tricyclic antidepressants [TCAs] to treat panic disorder in our clients.

Novel and customized treatment plans

Our Experience

Our treatment protocols administer the maximum efficacy to the patients by design. Our team of doctors and medical assistants is always ready to handle any situation. They provide comprehensive medication consultation as the patients need and work to cure its root cause. We offer the best-in-class treatment for all types of panic disorder-related problems from the treatments, food, activities, and health monitoring.

We are the one-stop place for curing panic disorder

We use the most modern treatment processes for combating panic disorder symptoms. Our institution uses the following treatments for patients of panic disorder:

  1. New-generation antipsychotic, anticonvulsant, and benzodiazepines.
  2. Psychotherapy sessions.
  3. Extra-curricular activity for health improvement and relaxation.