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Prescribed drug abuse refers to using prescription pills in a way other than what was prescribed by doctors. The addiction to prescribed drugs has increased considerably since the 1990s. One major factor contributing to the misuse of prescription drugs is the ease of its availability. This addiction needs to be treated as it can cause serious health issues.

Your Addiction of Prescribed Drugs seems impossible until done.

Prescribed Drugs Addiction In Detail

Prescription drug abuse revolves around taking the medicines prescribed to anyone. It is also related to the use of prescripted drugs to get a euphoric feeling. People of all age groups, including teenagers are affected by prescribed drug addiction.

Most of the prescribed drugs are misused because of their stimulating properties. Opioids that are used to cure pain often get misused, also, anti-anxiety pills and sedatives are most commonly prescribed drugs that are abused.

If any issue with prescription pills, you should seek medical help. Early attention to the problem can prevent it from becoming a lifetime addiction.

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Symptoms of Prescribed Drugs Addiction

The symptoms of prescribed drug addiction will depend on the particular kind of drug. For instance, opioid addiction will give you a feeling of euphoria. You might feel nauseous and drowsy from opioid addiction.

The symptoms of abusing Prescribed Drugs Addiction are feeling drowsy, dizzy, confused, lack of concentration, and problem in recollecting memories. You might also experience a shallow breathing rate with slurred speech and unsteady walking.

Addiction from stimulants will be evident from increased alertness with irregular heartbeats. You will observe a high body temperature, and your blood pressure levels will also be on the rise. Agitation, paranoia, and anxiety are also common symptoms. You might also have a reduced appetite and become insomniac.

Some common symptoms of prescribed drugs addiction, no matter which drug you take, are as follows:

  • Stealing or forging prescriptions
  • Losing prescriptions to get new prescriptions
  • Requesting early refills of medications
  • Finding prescriptions from more than one doctor
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of decision-making skills
  • Getting too much or too little sleep
  • Being high or unusually energetic

We Will Help You Recover From Your Addiction

Addiction to prescribed drugs can have several health complications. Therefore, if you notice someone struggling with prescribed drug addiction, help them. A person with the addiction will probably not realise they are addicted until someone points it out.

Addiction to prescribed drugs like opioids and sedatives can dangerously lower the blood pressure levels of the addict. They will experience slower breaths which might lead to coma. An Prescribed drug overdose can even be life-threatening.

Stimulants can create medical consequences like heart problems, seizures, and hallucinations. Moreover, an addiction to prescription drugs means, an individual will have to take higher doses, for the medication to work on them. However, getting rid of prescribed drug addictions will cause withdrawal symptoms. The body gets adjusted to the higher doses, and trying to stop it abruptly can be fatal.

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Dhanak Rehabilitation Home has well-qualified professionals with years of experience. Patient care is the primary concern of all medical practitioners. Many patients have received effective care from Dhanak Rehabilitation Home. You can trust us to provide the best treatment to help you get rid of your addiction.

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Recreational Activities: Patients at Dhanak Rehabilitation Home are encouraged to engage in recreational activities such as music and dance. Along with calming the nerves, recreational activities also help the patients to bond with each other. The recreational activities often done in groups to ensure that the patients do not feel lonely in their journey of recovery from the prescribed drug addiction.


Can prescription drug addiction take your life?

Prescription drug addiction can often lead to overdose. Overdose of a particular drug can even cause death.

Is prescription drug addiction hereditary?

People with a family history of prescription drug addiction are more likely to develop the addiction. Children who grow up seeing parents obsessed with prescription drugs can begin to misuse the drugs.

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