Seek Help to Win Over Sexual Addiction & Start a New Chapter in Your Life

Sexual addiction is an insatiable urge for sexual activities that often causes problems in the life of the patient. Sexual addiction is also responsible for rewarding the brain through the secretion of dopamine.

Every time a sexual addict engages in sexual activity, they experience a rush of endorphins. The endorphins encourage them to repeatedly engage in similar behaviour, making it difficult to recover from sexual addiction.

Life Is Precious. Do Not Let Sexual Addiction Ruin Your Life

Know More About Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction is often confused with porn addiction. But porn addiction is basically, a type of sexual addiction. Porn addiction is manifested differently than sexual addiction. Sexual addiction can also revolve around prostitution, sexual fantasies, voyeurism or pursuits of other sexual activities.

Seeking Help To Get Rid Of Sexual Addiction Is The Right Thing To Do

Symptoms Of Sexual Addiction

It can be identified through various symptoms if a person is a sexually addicted. A person with sexual addiction often does not have control over his sexual activities. The sexual choices of a sexual addict make it difficult for them to manage their life. Most of the time, a sexual addict suffers from shame and self-loathing. However, no matter how hard sex addicts try, they are unable to quit their addiction. An evident physical symptom of sexual addiction is, feeling immobilized due to sexual obsessions.

Let Sexual Addiction Be A Thing Of The Past

Effects Of Sexual Addiction

Sexual addicts develop emotional and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. They may also become victims of substance abuse and show signs of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Less time is spent at doing hobbies and socializing which can increase in interpersonal conflicts.

There is loss of productivity at work due to sexual distraction. Financial problems related to overspending in attempts to satisfy sexual needs is also noticed.

Most sexual addicts undergo abandonment issues. Therefore, they are more likely to stay in unhealthy relationships. But they also face problems in their interpersonal relationships because they feel powerless over their sexual needs. Issues related to emotion dys-regulation and impulse are not unfamiliar for sexual addicts.

Sexual addicts suffer from a lack of concentration and often have low productivity at work. They also develop mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Sexual addicts also become victims of substance abuse and show signs of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

We Will Not Judge You At Himachal Rehabilitation Home

Our Facilities

Himachal Rehabilitation Home has the best facilities to help people dealing with sexual addiction.

  • Accepting Environment: You will be treated in a supportive environment for your addiction in a non-judgmental manner as we are aware towards your trauma and stressful experiences.
  • Gender-separate Treatment: You will receive a specialized treatment for gender unique physiological, emotional and social issues. Elevated comfort as gender specific treatment empowers a sense of trust and bonding among fellow same sex clients.
  • Confidentiality:  Everything you share with the professionals at Himachal Rehabilitation Home will be confidential, all your secrets are safely guarded. Our primary goal is to provide you with a safe environment in which you can discuss your concerns. You can talk to the medical practitioners with complete trust.
  • Comfortable Rooms: The patient rooms at Himachal Rehabilitation Home are clean and comfortable. The beautiful campus of Himachal Rehabilitation Home will help patients connect with nature. Himachal Rehabilitation Home is the best place for self-reflection.
  • Caring Staff: The medical practitioners, the treating team at Himachal Rehabilitation Home provide dedicated patient care. They are committed to helping patients recover from sexual addiction with proper medical and counselling treatment. Individual care is provided to each patient after analysing their symptoms.

We Are Happy To Extend Our Helping Hand

Our Experience

Himachal Rehabilitation Home is more than happy to extend its hands to patients trying to recover from sexual addiction. Many patients have successfully recovered from their sexual addiction by seeking help from the professionals at . We have adequate skills to help you work through your addiction.

Get Your Treatment Done In Confidentiality

Our Treatment

We offer different types of therapies to help you recover from sexual addiction.

  1. Group Therapy: It helps in replacing detrimental sexual behaviours with healthy and pro-social behaviours. Group therapy ensures a sexual addict that they are not the only one facing the issue.
  2. Couple Counselling: Couple counselling is beneficial for a sex addict and their partner. Sexual addiction often ruins a marriage or relationship. Couple counselling helps in increasing trust among partners through improved communication. It results in a healthy sexual relationship between partners.
  3. Psychodynamic Therapy: Psychodynamic therapy is based on the belief that our actions are influenced by unconscious memories. It unearths childhood incidents that affect current habits. A sexual addiction therapist tries to find out the reasons that trigger sexual addiction in an individual.
  4. Art Therapy: Art is a healthy form of expression which can help sexual addicts deal with intimacy issues. As patient battling from sexual addiction is engaged in a creative process where they play with colours and other forms of art, which makes them feel cheerful. It is an excellent way to get rid of stress and anxiety.
  5. Yoga And Meditation: Yoga and meditation are essential to keep the patients at Himachal Rehabilitation Home fit and healthy. It helps the sexual addicts relax their minds and harness positive energy. As recovering sexual addicts are often stressed about how others are making opinions about them so yoga and meditation help them relieve their stress.