Detoxification is one of the best ways through which an individual can quickly heal their body, mind, and soul. Detoxification is the first step towards the rehabilitation process, and it’s simply where people allow their body to eliminate the presence of the substances that he/she has been consuming.

An individual’s body becomes physically and mentally reliant on a behavior or substance. This will make them feel the withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety, heart palpitation, high blood pressure, shaking, and many more. But we being one of the best luxury detox centers, have the best detoxification process and treatments for all our interested customers.


Addiction is generally a neuropsychological disorder defining pervasive and intense urge to engage in maladaptive behaviors providing immediate sensory rewards (e.g. consuming drugs, excessively gambling), despite their harmful consequences. Dependence is generally an addiction that can involve withdrawal issues. Addictive disorder is a category of mental disorders defining important intensities of addictions or dependences, which induce functional disabilities. There are no agreed definitions on these terms – see section on ‘definitions’.






A mental disorder is characterized by a clinically significant disturbance in an individual’s cognition, emotional regulation, or behaviour. It is usually associated with distress or impairment in important areas of functioning. There are many different types of mental disorders.

Mental disorders are common. More than half of all Americans will be diagnosed with a mental disorder at some time in their life.

Treatment depends on which mental disorder you have and how serious it is. You and your provider will work on a treatment plan just for you. It usually involves some type of therapy.